Hello Everyone!
Nov, 4 Posted by admin

I am sorry to have left the site without updates for a long time, I had some problems and that is why I could not do it, but I have already returned and I will begin to update, so stay tuned!

Help Us Keep JSN Up And Running!
Apr, 13 Posted by admin

The site “JoJo Siwa Network” grows every day more, and that is why in the future we would like the site to obtain its own domain and be free of advertising for a better position and quality of the web. But we can not do it without your support.

We have created a Ko-fi page, showing you the option of ‘buying a cup of coffee’ which equals the amount of $3. You can buy one or multiple coffees – any amount is appreciated and helps us cover our future costs. We will receive your donation through PayPal and can directly use it to pay for our host and domain name.

JoJo Siwa Network always was and always will be a non-profit fansite. All donations made to us will strictly be used to pay for our host and domain. We greatly appreciate your help!

New Look
Nov, 20 Posted by admin

Thanks to Stefy (Broken Heart Designs) for this new and incredible theme that he made us!!

And remember that if you like this site dedicated to JoJo and want to support and help with any information, photos, videos, etc. you can donate it by sending a message to our email.

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