Joelle Joanie Siwa artistically known as JoJo Siwa was born on May 19, 2003 in Nebraska, US. JoJo is 14 years old. She is the daughter to Jessalyn and Tom Siwa.

JoJo started dance class as soon as she could walk and did her first solo at the age of 2.

JoJo quickly realized she had a love for dance and continued to take classes in tap, jazz, hip hop, ballet. She loved to travel and take dance classes but even more so loved being on stage.

JoJo auditioned for AUDC Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition Season 2 and at the age of 8 was the youngest contestant for season 2. She made it to the top 5 of that show and made quite an impression on the producers and the network.

One year later, those same people called and asked her to be on Lifetime’s number one show: “Dance Moms”…distributed in 114 countries.

In 2016 JoJo launches by Claire’s its own line of arcs.

Currently has a contract with Nickelodeon, with whom he launched a new line of products, and also films his first movie called Inside Voice.